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Importance of Balancing Hot Tub & Pool pH

pH Plus – Sodium Carbonate

Your hot tub and pool pH levels are important to maintaining for a number of reasons. Not only will it keep your water looking and feeling great, but it will also help extend the life of your equipment. Let’s take a look at why pH levels are so important, and how you can make sure yours are balanced.… Read More

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What is calcium hardness and why is it important?

Calcium Chloride Flakes Bulk Pallet

You’ve probably heard of calcium hardness if you have a swimming pool. But what is it exactly? And why is it important?

Calcium hardness measures the water’s ability to resist changes in pH. The higher the calcium hardness, the less likely the water will experience sudden pH changes.Read More

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What are Bromine Granules?


Bromine is a chemical that has been used for years in spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools to help control bacteria growth. Bromine can be found in liquid form or as Bromine granules. Bromine granules are easier to use because they do not need to be diluted with water before use.… Read More

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Consequences of not using BPR products

Should a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer that sells biocidal products don’t comply with BPR regulations, then the United Kingdom by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) can assess hefty fines on the violator, and it doesn’t stop there. The violator chain goes up through the manufacturer to the distributor to the retailer that provides the non-BPR-regulated products.… Read More

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FAQ’s Sanitizers

FAQ’s Sanitizers

How effective are chlorine tablets and chlorine granules?

As both products are chlorine based, they are essentially and when used correctly, as effective as each other at controlling the bacteria and sanitizing the water in your hot tub.

The key to achieving the perfect balance and level of control is to ensure your hot tub water maintains a chlorine level of 3-5ppm.… Read More