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Here at Total Chemicals Solutions, we stock and supply a number of spa filters and hot tub filters, there are so many available that it can often be a mind field to find the right spa or hot tub filter for your needs. The team at Total Chemical Solution can always be on hand to assist and make sure that you find the best spa filter for your hot tubs. By purchasing two filters you are eliminating the chance that your hot tub may be out of action during filter maintenance. Having two sets of hot tub filters is a more economical choice and will make sure that both sets last longer, especially over using the same filter continuously. While one set in being cleaned, the other can be used so you can still enjoy your hot tub. You will need to soak your filter in a cleaning solution for around 24 hours and then afterwards, let it fully dry out, this is to ensure that all bacteria has died off, ensuring a hygienic hot tub performance. When it comes to finding the right spa filter for your hot tub, you will need to consider the type of spa you have as well as the dimensions and manufacturer. This is where Total Chemical Solutions company come in, we can be on hand to advise you on the correct hot tub filter for your spa, we also aim to provide a value for money price and a quick delivery.