ClearChem is a full-service trade wholesaler of ClearPool Swimming Pool, ClearSpa Hot Tub Chemicals, and our new ClearEco Housekeeping Eco Cleaning Range. Our Pool and Spa products are designed to keep the water clean, safe, and healthy.

Our range of pool and hot tub chemicals, from chlorine and bromine to pH adjusters and conditioners, are rigorously tested so that you receive top quality every time.

We offer bulk orders for convenient delivery in larger quantities for companies with high demand; along with one-time purchase options and automatic replenishment services, our customers can rest assured knowing that their needs will always be addressed.

And with ClearChem’s wide range of choices available, it’s easier than ever to maintain crystal clear water year round!

New to our ClearEco Housekeeping Eco Cleaning Range offers effective cleaning solutions while being kinder to the environment. All our eco-friendly products are manufactured using sustainable materials, with healthier formulations that use fewer harsh chemicals and more biodegradable materials than traditional cleaners.

At ClearChem, we guarantee outstanding customer service backed by knowledgeable professionals who can answer all your questions quickly and accurately. Maintaining a beautiful pool or hot tub has never been easier with us on your side!