Water Chemicals

TCS water chemical sector provides a comprehensive range of leisure water treatments to manage varying leisure water applications. Ensuring that the water is hygienic and safe to use is vital, everyday leisure water whether that is a spa, pool, swim spa or inflatable spa are exposed to various elements and organic and inorganic debris from both the environment and bathers themselves being introduced into the water. Filtration is not enough to eradicate these compounds and that’s why water treatments need to be carried out to ensure pleasant and healthy bathing conditions every day.

Here at Total Chemical Solutions, we have the right water chemicals to help you get your water treatment processes right, from water balancers, primary sanitizers such as bromine and chlorine, water shock treatments and enhancers which is essential and that’s why TCS makes it easy by stocking a range of the best quality water treatment products that are sure to suit your needs whatever size or type of business you have.