To bulk or not to bulk!
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To bulk or not to bulk!

 Questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Do you have enough filters in stock to ensure a clean filter is ready when you have completed a drain down on your hot tub? Y / N
  2. Do you have enough filters in stock to ensure that not only is it a clean filter, but that the filter is bone dry before recommissioning your tub and installing that filter? Y / N
  3. Do you have enough filters in stock to ensure they have received the correct length of time to be cleaned thoroughly and soaked in the correct filter cleaner? Y / N
  4. Do you have enough filters in stock to ensure that if for some reason you receive poor bacterial results (which can be from poor filter management) and you need to dispose of that filter you can still recommission your hot tub correctly and not have to put a damp filter back in your tub? Y / N
  5. Do you have enough filters in stock which are numbered to ensure correct rotation and the following processes above are being completed correctly? Y / N
  6. Do you have a record of when your filters were first used and know how long they have been in use for? Y / N
  7. Do you have a process in place that clearly identifies to your employees who clean the filters when a filter is past its best and really should be disposed of? Y / N

If you have answered NO to any of the questions above The SpaFilter Store is here to help, we have a vast range of filters for all hot tubs and are sold in singles and boxes of 6. In addition to the wide range of filters we also have a great range of filter cleaning products to ensure you are getting the best out of your filter.

SpaChem filter cleaner granules 5kg is a powerful alkaline formulation for removal of oils grease and other debris from spa cartridges. £31.02 + VAT

Spa Cartridge Cleaner 1ltr is a powerful blended cleaner specifically formulated to remove oils, minerals, organic matter and dirt from Cartridge Filters. These deposits clog the filter and reduce filter efficiency and water circulation. £6.88 + VAT


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