pH- The importance of being neutral
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pH- The importance of being neutral

pH- The importance of being neutral

Considered by some to be the most important component of water balance, pH measures how acidic or basic your pool, spa or hot tub water is. If not monitored closely and kept in check you run the risk of damaging your equipment, i.e. heating elements, pumps, seals, and other internal workings.

We’ve compiled a list of symptoms common to low and high pH readings.

Low pH

Poor Biocide efficiency

Corroded Metals/Equipment

Etched or Stained plaster

Destruction of Total Alkalinity

Skin and Eye Irritations

High pH

Poor Biocide Efficiency

Cloudy water

Scale Formation

Shorter Filter runs

Skin and Eye irritations

You’ll see that both low AND high pH readings cause poor sanitiser efficiency and cause skin and eye irritations in bathers. As the effectiveness of your biocide and bather comfort are two of your top priorities, it’s key to keep your pH level and within the proper range.

Proper pH range
The proper pH range for your pool, spa or hot tub is the same, between 7.2 and 7.8. The pH range varies a little bit depending on which biocide you use. Chlorine prefers a pH of 7.2-7.5 whereas bromine can tolerate 7.2-7.8 without a significant drop is effectiveness.

Useful Tip: Check your pH at the same time you check your biocide levels. The amount of biocide you need to add is affected by the pH of your water. See SpaChem’s available test equipment here. Make sure to check your Total Alkalinity levels before adding any pH altering chemicals.

We’ll be covering Total Alkalinity next Tuesday 30 August, so watch this space!

For our commercial and trade contacts, please contact us for a personalised quotation.

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