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Health And Safety Fines Soar


The Housekeeping Store 06th June 2017

There has never been a better time to search for commercial cleaning products, as a new clamp down on health and safety means businesses are more at risk of fines than ever.
Law firm BLM revealed to the BBC that since the law changed a year ago to punish businesses for health and safety breaches in a way that is proportionate to their size, fines have gone up considerably.

Large health and safety breaches, such as the £5 million fine given to Merlin Entertainments following the highly publicised Smiler Rollercoaster accident at Alton Towers, represented higher fines being handed out than ever before.

Sixteen riders were injured, some with life changing injuries, in the accident. The fine would have been £2.5 million higher if the organisation had not pleaded guilty.
There were over 18 fines issued that were over £1 million last year, BLM revealed, which compared with just two in 2015.
Now companies can be fined up to £20 million for corporate manslaughter and £10 million for health and safety offenses. Businesses need to have a turnover of over £50 million in order to be liable for these top fines, however.

While the construction sector had received the most in fines, the leisure industry also featured highly.
Health and safety breaches can include food hygiene and you must make sure that food sold is safe to eat and display your food hygiene rating, that you will have received from a local inspector.

Take a look at our cleaning supply products to make sure you have everything you need.

From Strength to Strength!

From strength to strength. We’re 2 years into our journey where the company started with SpaChem Limited a company dedicated to providing an extensive range of quality spa & hot tub products, ranging from Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Alkalinity & more all at affordable prices, trade pricing available too! How things have now changed, from the initial startup of SpaChem Limited our company has expended and within the first 6 months of the SpaChem journey, Total Chemical Solutions was created to encompass our other divisions and our company vision. Total Chemical Solutions, now has dedicated divisions all striving to achieve not only customer excellence but an all encompassing range of products, why not take a look and see if we can help you in your business or personal journey.,,,, all delivering products daily and later this autumn & will be joining our range of divisions.

Over 3500 product lines!

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The AgriChem Store

AgriChem Store is dedicated to providing an extensive range of quality dairy farming & live stock products, ranging from Udder Cleaners, Pre & Post Milking Chemicals, Milking Palour Cleaners all at affordable prices. Everything is packaged within the UK, allowing us the ability to package and deliver quickly to our clients. We are committed to providing each and every one of our customers with a reliable and efficient service; where you can freely browse our stock online, find out the information you require and have a great selection of quality dairy farming chemicals. We offer all chemicals from acid and alkaline cleaners, manual or automated cleaning products, udder care barrier dips to help you manage your dairy live stock effectively.


Were always on the go!

Were always on the go, place your orders 24hrs a day through your own personal tailored account at Not only will we look at all the product lines you currently buy, we will tailor a package that is right for your business. Once agreed your account will be created and your core list will be loaded. No more searching through endless products so you can add them to your basket, the SpaChem website product listing will be set only to the products that you want and only the ones the team will be able to see, which gives you complete control over what products are coming into your business and of course complete control over your costs.


To bulk or not to bulk!

 Questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Do you have enough filters in stock to ensure a clean filter is ready when you have completed a drain down on your hot tub? Y / N
  2. Do you have enough filters in stock to ensure that not only is it a clean filter, but that the filter is bone dry before recommissioning your tub and installing that filter? Y / N
  3. Do you have enough filters in stock to ensure they have received the correct length of time to be cleaned thoroughly and soaked in the correct filter cleaner? Y / N
  4. Do you have enough filters in stock to ensure that if for some reason you receive poor bacterial results (which can be from poor filter management) and you need to dispose of that filter you can still recommission your hot tub correctly and not have to put a damp filter back in your tub? Y / N
  5. Do you have enough filters in stock which are numbered to ensure correct rotation and the following processes above are being completed correctly? Y / N
  6. Do you have a record of when your filters were first used and know how long they have been in use for? Y / N
  7. Do you have a process in place that clearly identifies to your employees who clean the filters when a filter is past its best and really should be disposed of? Y / N


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